New Changes to Deliveries

I'd love to thank all my incredible customers for your loyalty and input you have made in our mission of getting as many pets as possible on a healthier journey. We are so grateful that you have brought your fur baby onboard on this journey with us and now they are one of the healthiest pets out there...Yayyy :)

Our clientele has grown so much in the last few months and we are finding it very hard to deliver to all of you amazing customers.... on a Saturday. 

We have decided for our own give all our orders to be delivered by our third party courier, ColdExpress so we can focus a little bit better on the other parts of our business. As you can image its been a juggling act doing everything ourselves, and this is one part, we have decided to get help with.

You might have noticed that the price for each meal has slightly gone up for the 'delivered' meals. We had a few customers complaining about needing to pay a delivery fee of $15  to have their meals delivered. As a result of this and also employing a third party courier to do our deliveries, we have included the delivery fee in the meal's price cost and the Delivery Fee is FREE now.

All MELBOURNE METRO SUBURBS will have the new delivery day of TUESDAY. All orders have a cutoff day of Sunday, midnight.

For COUNTRY VICTORIA TOWNS, please check our table in the Shipping tab to find out your exact delivery day and cutoff time for orders.


Our last SATURDAY DELIVERY IS ON 4TH MAY. From then onwards all the deliveries we used to deliver on a Saturday will be delivered TUESDAY instead.

Please note if we are not too busy, we might do some deliveries ourselves on a TUESDAY for the Melbourne Metro Areas. 

Our new courier, COLDEXPRESS will deliver your order during business hours, 8:00am - 5:00 pm, on a TUESDAY. We cannot give you an estimated delivery time and we also need authority from you to leave your order in a safe place if no-one is home at the time of delivery.