Please find listed below a few of the popular questions pet owners ask about the Natural Instinct Pet Food meals or other concerns they might have about their pet's diet.

When will my order my delivered?

Your order will be delivered on Tuesday of each week. The delivery times for our courier is between 8am - 6pm

 How much should i feed my pet?

Your adult dog should eat 2-3% of their total body weight and cats should eat 3-4% of their total adult body weight (e.g. 20 kg dog, should eat 0.600 kg a day)

It is highly recommend that your pet gets this portion broken down into two serves a day, so they eat two meals a day. This will prevent any strains on their digestive system.

Puppies need to eat 3% of their total adult body weight.

Pregnant and feeding females need to be fed 15-20% extra as they need extra nutrition during this stage. (if female is 20 kgs, feed 3.6% of her body weight, 0.720 grams)

Why should i feed a raw meal to my dog, cat?

A raw meal is packed with vitamins and minerals in their natural raw state. Commercial pet food companies cook the dry biscuits at 400 degrees celsius, thus removing all the nutrition from it (vitamins, minerals and other nutrition is later added to the food but in a chemical state).
Eating raw meat is in their natural instinct. Before domestication, their diet consisted of wild prey and carcasses. The health benefits of raw are incomparable when compared to a dry commercially processed meal.


 Can i cook the meat?

If your pet eats it raw than feed it to them raw. This way they receive and absorb all the nutrition from the meal in their raw state.
If your pet is very fussy and won't eat it raw, you can poach the meat. We highly recommend you poach the meal in its bag in hot boiling water and feed it to your pet with all the juice that forms in the bag as this contains a lot of the meals' nutritional part. 
Please note the bag is resistant to 90 degrees Celsius (boiling point)
Do not try to bake the meal in its bag in the oven or microwave.


Will my pet experience a change in its bowel movement?

If your pet has eaten a raw meal before or does so on a normal occasion, you don't need to worry about this, your pet will not experience any change in its bowels.
BUT, if your dog or cat has never eaten a raw meal, slowly incorporate the raw with their normal diet over the course of 7 days until your pet has completely transitioned to eating only a raw meal.
In the first 3 days, your pet will have runnier softer stools than normal. This is a normal process for the first few days and their stools will return to a normal texture after they adapt to the new diet.
Please note that if you feed raw on and off to your pet (once on a blue moon), your pet will always go through this transitional cycle until their bowels adapt from a processed food to a natural food. 


Are the Natural Instinct Pet Food meals balanced?

Yes, the meals are completely balanced. They are packed with superfood ingredients, protein, calcium and essential vitamins and minerals.


What are some of the nutritional ingredients of the Natural Instinct Pet Food meals?

Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, magnesium, fibre, taurine, copper, folate, phosphorous, niacin, molybdenum, zinc, protein, manganese, iron, potassium, choline, beta carotene, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, selenium, pantothenic acid


Are the meals 100 % preservative free?

Yes, the meals are 100% preservative free, grain & seed free, gluten free and no colours or artificial flavours are added to them.


What are some health benefits I will see in my pet if I start it a raw diet?

The very obvious and quick changes you will see ( within 1-2 weeks) is a shinier and improved coat condition, almost no odour from their stools, improved stamina and a happier more playful dog.
The major health benefits of feeding your pet the Natural Instinct Pet Food meals are:
  • improves body wellness
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • protects the nervous system
  • mood enhancer, a natural anti depressant
  • gluten free
  • grain & seed free
  • improves eyes, skin & coat 
  • ideal for sensitive pets especially dogs allergic to wheat
  • rich in antioxidants
  • boosts immune system
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • reduces the risk of cancer and stroke
  • reduces high blood pressure 
  • prevents oral bacteria
  • provides relief from arthritis
  • excellent facilitator for digestion
  • improves memory and brain health
  • prevents dementia 
  • can repair heart damage


My pet suffers from extreme itchiness and redness on its coat, how can The Natural Instinct Pet Food meals help?

Chances are you've tried everything your vet has recommended and your pet still has this problem.
In order to help your pet, you must eliminate all processed food from their diet. This will include any diet your vet has recommended (a "prescription" diet from Royal Canine), everything your pet has eaten until now needs to be packed and put aside. 
So if you are committed to it, the next step is to feed your pet only raw. If your pet has never eaten a raw meal before you will need to slowly transition them from the diet they had until them and mix it with raw until you can fully eliminate the processed food (this shouldn't take more than 7 days).

Feed your pet the Natural Instinct Pet Food meals only over a course of 8-12 weeks to really see a difference in their overall well being. You will see results a little bit quicker but in order to fully eliminate the itchiness and redness from their skin, do stick to a 8-12 week time frame.
After they complete this course, you can slowly introduce processed food back into their diet. If the symptoms do come back, it will be obvious that your pet is allergic to chemicals that are in the processed food and you will need to feed them a raw diet for the rest of their lives for optimum health and longevity.